About Us

KodiakCNC is about building lasting relationships with our customers while continually exceeding all quality, delivery and price expectations. Our mission and commitment is to bring you the absolute best products we can, at a price which allows you to enjoy it. “ Our primary business is producing aerospace parts, however we also specialize in creating exceptional products from all materials. Our Billet Aluminum Cribbage Boards , as well as our Ultra-Precise Racing Sprockets are examples of what can be done using modern state of the art CNC equipment. Our all-aluminum trophies can be created to suit any championship, we are only limited by your imagination.

Address: Hangar 13, 5225 - 216th Street, Langley, BC, Canada, V2Y 2N3.

Email: daryle@kodiakcnc.com

Call: 604-533-7313